The Board


Michael Cullerot

Board Member
Mike is passionate about everything outdoors. He spent 30 years working in the outdoor industry. Hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, sailing and whitewater kayaking. Loves Adventure Motorcycles. One of our most energetic, creative, and helpful members! He is always happy to help out with a project.

Brett Jessee

Board Member, Ham Radio Resource Manager

Brett keeps us in compliance with FCC regulations.

John Robert

 John has always been happy to pitch in and help with anything that needs doing around the space, so we brought him on as the new secretary in recognition of all the help he has provided.

N. Chris Perry

Co-Founder, Board Member, Metalworking Resource Manager
Christopher likes to say he’s an engineer every minute of the day & night. When he isn’t sailing, cooking or drinking he is creating something. During his career he’s worked as an electro-mechanical engineer, machinist, sheet metal mechanic, fabricator, and model maker. These career choices have all been part of his master plan to make his own creations by any means necessary.

Jared England

Vice-President, Prototyping Resource Manager

Jared wears many hats, balancing strategic thinking with hands-on leadership to advance our mission and drive positive change in the community.  As VP, Jared helps identify opportunities for growth, innovation, and improvement in programmatic and operational areas.


Kevin Kadow

President, Facilities Resource Manager, acting CSO
Kevin has extensive executive experience, including several decades running a non-profit organization.

Tyler Arkell

Tyler knows which end of pencil to sharpen

Resource Managers

David Collins

Electronics Shop Resource Manager
Dave has enjoyed being inventive and solving problems through electronic and electro-mechanical design. With a 30 year career designing and building instruments for chemistry, space physics rocket projects and earth sciences ice projects. The most rewarding part of his career has been mentoring students on projects with a focus on designing and building innovative electronic devices.

Donna Schmidt

Textile shop Resource Manager
Donna loves everything fabric especially being behind the loom.

Alex Duran

Automotive Resource Manager

Board Meeting Minutes

Our board meeting minutes are open to public view. The most recent minutes are provisional. They are expected to be approved during the next meeting. Meeting minutes in the future are agendas that we’ll follow for the next board meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes