It’s one thing to teach and it is another to learn. At Manchester Makerspace it is our goal to provide an environment where pursuing creative learning pursuits is open anyone that has the ambition to build and create. The idea is that with the right people to guide and tools to work with the possibilities are vast – whether those creations are works of art, feats of engineering, efforts of craftsmanship, or even computer programs.

At the makerspace one has the context to learn without the pretense of standardized testing, a GPA, Degree, or other certification. One can prove themselves with the drive of their own ambition and interest.

Learning experiences as a Member of the Makerspace

  • Experiment independently with access to the resources of the space
  • Get involved with shared build experiences with other members
  • Informal workshops with subject matter experts and enthusiasts

Classes at the Makerspace are…

  • Open to members and often also to the general public
  • Taught by subject matter experts and enthusiasts from the local maker community
  • Focus on building student’s confidence and ability to pursue a creative passion as a hobby or to start an independent business
  • Are affordable in comparison to more formal programs. Our goal is to make learning possible without applying for loans
  • Normally open to friend pairs, couples, or parent / child pairs to make the experience fun at little to no extra cost

Teach at Makerspace

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge with the community at the makerspace please contact us!

Our class schedule is published on Eventbrite

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