The Makerspace

Manchester Makerspace occupies nearly 7,000 square feet in an 1890 mill building in downtown Manchester. With murals, our massive lighted sign, and other enhancements, we have made the space our own, working within the constraints of the historic Gaslight District

The Shops

We offer a dozen workshops on multiple levels to provide for a vast ranging of making needs, ranging from our cozy Ham Radio “shack” to our pull-in auto bay and the 2k square foot “back lot” metal and fabrication area.

The event space

Our latest additions include two new “general purpose” rooms, often used for hosting classes and as general event space.

The Neighborhood

Downtown is a vibrant and bustling hub of activity and commerce. Manchester offers a rich array of dining options catering to all tastes, from international cuisine to classic American fare. Restaurants line Elm street, featuring cozy cafes, upscale dining, and lively bars. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian pasta, Mexican tacos, a juicy burger or a late-night diner meal, our neighborhood has you covered!.

The nightlife in Downtown Manchester is just as diverse and exciting as its dining scene. As the sun sets, the city comes alive with music and entertainment. Bars and clubs offer live performances and dancing, while Irish pubs and even a speakeasy provide a more laid-back atmosphere for those who prefer a quiet drink. The Gaslight District is a popular area for nightlife, with its historic charm and modern amenities. The combination of old and new creates an atmosphere appealing to young and old alike.

One of the most notable features of Downtown Manchester is our skyline, home to northern New England’s tallest buildings. These modern skyscrapers stand as a testament to the city’s growth and development, and in contrast to the low-slung brick mill buildings, past and present blending seamlessly. Walking through downtown, you’ll be surrounded by a mix of historical buildings and contemporary structures, offering a unique experience that showcases Manchester’s evolution over the years.