Manchester Makerspace is full-service facility, offering numerous workshops that are fully stocked with tools help you complete a wide variety of projects.


Vehicles up to 25′ in length can be accommodated in our autobay. Auto repairs and upgrades, and van conversions are possible in this space.


Spare parts, multi-testers, and tools for wiring projects are available in our Electronics shop.


Learn to weld, use our plasma cutter, and work with materials in our metalworking shop.

Rapid prototyping

Learn about Laser cutting and 3D printing. Use our facilities and materials to create custom parts for your projects.


Sewing machines, looms, and even a spinning wheel are available for textile projects.


Chop/table/band saws, lathes, sandpapers of various grits, wood glues, backed by the expertise of our Shop Manager, will give you everything you need to create with wood.

Amateur Radio

Our new “Ham Shack” offers multiple radios (with rooftop antennas) and opportunities for mentoring and training towards obtaining your own FCC licensing and transmit access.


Our sound-isolated podcast studio is a quiet environment for your audio-recording needs.

Paint Booth

Our paint booth and curing oven will help you achieve your dream finish on metal and wood projects, with provisions for airbrush, powder coating, and more.