This summer, we need your help!

We're raising $26k for a CNC plasma cutter.

Why a plasma cutter?

  • It's the #1 requested piece of equipment for the makerspace.
  • It's safer, cheaper, and more approachable than an oxy/acetylene torch or milling machine for cutting metal.
  • It supports our mission to provide access to shared resources for teachers, students, artist, and entrepreneurs in the Manchester, NH area.
  • CNC plasma cutting capability raises Manchester Makerspace to the highest level yet for utility and style!

Be a part of our mission and make your contribution today!

What is Manchester Makerspace?

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit collaborative organization of life long learners. Our goal is to deliver quality access to shared space, tools, and mentorship for the benefit of the Manchester, New Hampshire community. We strive to support Manchester’s local makers, teachers, students entrepreneurs, and artists of all ages.

We are currently a 100% volunteer run facility!


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