About Manchester Makerspace

Founded in 2015 ,we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of life long learners.

At Manchester Makerspace, our goal is to deliver quality access to shared space, tools, and mentoring for the benefit of the community here in Manchester, New Hampshire. We strive to support Manchester’s local makers, teachers, students entrepreneurs, and artists of all ages.

We support our community by lowering barriers of access for those with a will to learn and a desire to make something themselves!

Our Mission

Manchester Makerspace is a collaborative organization of members who maintain a shared workspace, tooling, and skills in the Manchester, New Hampshire community. As a member maintained and operated organization, Manchester Makerspace provides access to shared resources, training, and mentorship for the benefit of Manchester’s local entrepreneurs, makers, students and artists of all ages.

Our Space

We maintain a dozen workshops in our nearly 7,000 square foot workspace in Manchester’s historic Gaslight District. We have specialized areas for specific tools and interests, general purpose “workshop” space, and two distinct event rooms where we host classes and other events.

MM offers three types of rental storage for members to use for their work-in-progress projects. Large shelves and project floor plots are available for short-duration rental for the duration of a project, while “tote” storage is available to rent for as long as a member desires.

Code of Conduct

We’re voicing our strong, unequivocal support of appropriate behavior by all members, guests of members, and participants at the Manchester Makerspace (MM) and associated events. This applies to activities inside the MM, as well as any off-site community events where members of the MM are representing our organization. We invite you to help us make the MM a place that is welcoming and respectful to all participants, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, national origin, ethnicity, or religion.  We want everyone to focus on the great networking and community richness that happens when we get together in person, and we will not tolerate harassment of participants in any form.

Examples of harassment include offensive comments, verbal threats or demands, sexualized images in public spaces, intimidation, unwelcome criticism, stalking, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of sessions or events, and unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention. If you would hesitate to show your creation(s) to a child, your family, or a stranger on the street, we expect you to exercise discretion by keeping it out of sight whenever it’s not actively being worked on.

Please Abide…

  1. Be most excellent to each other.
  2. Safety is important. If you are unsure of how to safely do something, don’t do it.
  3. When you break something, own up to it. If you have any doubt about fixing it, ask for help.
  4. Don’t make someone feel bad for breaking things, help them understand what went wrong.
  5. Clean, Maintain, Organize, Improve. Always leave the space better than you found it.
  6. There is no smoking indoors, and please be mindful of proximity to entrances.
  7. Members may bring guests to the Makerspace, for a limited duration, under the hosting member’s direct supervision. Guests are not permitted to use any Makerspace equipment requiring a resource manager checkout.
  8. Do not bring pets or animals to the Makerspace for the safety of them and others. Service animals (RSA 167-D) are permitted, though their safety is still a concern around our equipment and materials. Be most excellent to our animal friends.
  9. Do not do anything illegal at the Manchester Makerspace. Any illegal activity at the MM is grounds for your membership to be terminated.

Manchester Makerspace official bylaws