12″ Thickness Planer

12″ Thickness Planer

(older model Makita)
Makita 12″ Thickness planer

A great tool for preparing rough lumber to your specific dimensions for a project. Used in combination with a bandsaw and jointer, you can prepare stock to suit your needs and work from raw trees to rough cut lumber that has been purchased.

  • Be safe
  • don’t stick your hands in it
  • minimum thickness
  • minimum length – boards must be at least XX long.
  • Do not use on engineered materials (plywood, MFD other laminates etc.)
  • feed-in / out support required or two person operation

A safety training and check out is required for this tool.
The original manual in PDF format: Makita Planer Model 2012

(equipment manuals in general are available on Manchester Makerspace Google Drive)

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