Rent a Space

Large Project Plot Rental

Many projects in Manchester Makerspace may be able to be completed with a bring-in, bring-out process. Some will require multiple sessions. The large project plot is available to members who need to store a large project in the Makerspace for multiple days/weeks.


The large project can be rented out for $40/week, or just under $5/sq-ft., for a period of up to 12 weeks. Arrangements are contingent on the approval of the Board of Directors.

Contact Steve Korzyniowski to arrange.

Space Constraints

Every member who rents the space should be able to expect the same treatment.

Height: We don’t want to have leaning towers of junk littering the space. Unused components and half-finished projects are the primary enemy here, and while we don’t want to limit good efforts, we should take some steps to ensure that cleanup won’t be a nightmare if that member quits. Recommendation: Max height of 1’ shorter than the overhead door clearance, so a pallet jack or dolly can fit under the contents of a plot.

Footprint: The large project plot is 20ft x 20ft (400sq/ft). With pre-approval from the Board, the footprint may be modified to better accommodate projects that don’t fit in this space. This footprint should be taped off at the time of rental, to ensure that the footprint doesn’t change during the course of the rental.

Time Constraints

Reservation: The plot may not be reserved for more than twelve weeks at a time. If a member wishes to renew their reservation, they may re-reserve the space no more than 72 hours before their reservation expires if there are no other pending reservation requests. The reservation is not created until full payment is received.

Vacating the Plot: The plot must be completely vacated of all tools, materials, and benches by 10am on the reservation end date. If a project is finished and removed from the space early, the Board may approve a pro-rated refund for the remaining time.

Abandoning the Plot: The member knowingly forfeits all ownership and equity of the property stored in the project space after the expiration of the storage contract.

If you have any questions related to renting a large project plot, contact the board of directors at [email protected] for a quick reply.