Granite State Woodworking with Dale Corliss

The next GSWT meeting will feature Dale Corliss and his twisted turnings. Dale will explain how he makes his twisted segmented turnings. In previous meetings, we have seen some of Dale’s works-in-progress. On Thursday he will tell us about his process and his experiments, including his efforts to figure out how the heck to assemble these turnings.

Dale is an engineer who worked on Missile Guidance Computer design for the last 50 years. In 2012 he retired and started wood turning as a hobby.

As always, we often have time for general discussion and welcome people showing up with their own work and questions if time is available .

Manchester Makerspace, 36 Old Granite St. Manchester NH
When: Nov 11, at 7PM

All meetings are open to the general public and there is no charge.