Intro to CNC Plasma Cutting 2021

Welcome to Intro to CNC Plasma Cutting!

In this class, you will learn the basics of how to easily fabricate custom signs, letters, parts, and equipment out of sheet metals using our CNC and hand-held Plasma Cutter.

Students will receive:

  • Their own plasma torch consumables.
  • Their own course book.
  • Instruction on how to use the hand-held plasma torch.
  • Instruction on how to create files for CNC plasma cutting using Inkscape, SheetCAM, and Mach3.
  • Instruction on how to operate our CNC plasma table.

The class is approximately three to four hours long. All plasma torch consumables will be provided. Participation in this class qualifies as a checkout on both the hand-held and CNC plasma cutters so you can get cutting on your own!

Thank You To Our Plasma Cutter Donors!

John R.  |  Hannemann Family  |  Paul B.  |  Jeff L.  |  Randy C.  |  Elliot R.  |  Janine W.  |  Steve K.  |  Autodesk Foundation  |  Oracle  |  The Park Street Foundation