Wheelchair Repair Project

One of our members’ friends Chris recently broke one of the front wheels on her wheelchair, and asked if there was some way we could repair it while she awaited her new chair. I happily agreed to get a little extra practice in with our new TIG welder before I provide training on it. When the broken part showed up, it was in pretty rough shape. With a bit of measuring and fitup, I tack welded the broken pieces into place.

From here, I could put all the pieces back together and ensure that everything that should move could move, and that I wasn’t blocking the whee’s path.

To ensure that this didn’t happen again, I cut a small reinforcement plate out of some scrap aluminum we had lying around the shop.

While I was really in it for the welding practice, it’s especially nice to help someone regain their mobility again.

Chris seems to like it, too!

“Thank you Jesse and Manchester Makerspace for your work on my wheelchair! The fork for the caster wheel looks great and I’m happy to be back on the road.”