Manchester Makerspace to Host Laser Cutting Accessories Workshop

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Date: Friday, February 3rd

Cost: $13

In this open workshop students will learn the basics of Inkscape (or Illustrator) to design laser cut necklaces or keychains. During the class students will be able to prepare one small project from scratch and choose materials provided by the instructor.

Students will also learn about the basic tools used to make jewelry and resources for further exploration of their art. During the class they’ll also be able to assemble a few additional pieces made by the instructor.

Students should bring: A laptop with Inkscape or Illustrator installed. A USB stick if they have one.

Note: This is not a laser cutter certification. The teacher will be operating the laser cutter during the course.

About the Instructor:
Erika Rydberg has been working in community and academic makerspace development since 2013. She sells her work at and you can find more information about her at her slow loading website

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