Help Us Achieve Our gofundme Goal to Purchase Welding Safety Gear

In response to receiving a Millermatic 180 MIG welder and consumables, Manchester Makerspace now needs a work surface and safety equipment in order for members to begin training and using this tool. We’ve set up a gofundme page to help us raise the funds to reach this goal.

Intended Outcome
Build a 3’x4’ welding bench for general welding work, and purchase enough safety gear for two welders to work at a time (safety training requires an instructor and student to view the weld simultaneously). Work surface height should be 35” to accommodate as many people as possible, with 4” of height adjustment.

After the welding workstation is complete, we will be able to provide monthly safety training to any two active Manchester Makerspace members on the first Saturday of every month.

The success of this gofundme will greatly empower our safety training at Manchester Makerspace!

Complete details including list of equipment/gear needed and how to donate at: