Mentors at the makespace are passionate about their crafts and are adamant to share what they know. If interested in help with a project or are looking for a class to learn a new skill our mentors are the people to talk to. Members can reach out in any of our slack channels online (we’ll do our best to keep this up to date but please reach out in channels instead of direct). Also inquire about becoming a mentor at the makerspace if passing on knowledge is a passion. General public inquiries can be made during Open Houses or by email to [email protected]


#shop-woodworking (slack)

Ron Marcoux
Ken Kuster

Normally we have sessions for woodturning every Monday open house with Ron and or Ken.


#shop-metalwork (slack)

Patrick Muise

Patrick has offered a welding class on a monthly basis. See our calendar for the next one.


#shop-electronics (slack)

David Collins


#shop-woodworking (slack)

Brooks Tanner

Brooks has been offering his guidance on projects every Tuesday evening.