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We are in need of a vertical milling machine! These precision machine tools look a little like big drill presses, but with the ability to move the work piece very precisely side-to-side, forward & back, and up & down relative to the cutting tool.  Here is a nice video  that shows basically what they look like and can do.

Every small machine shop has one because they are so useful.  Examples of what they can be used for:
·       Flycutting heads and engine blocks to make mating surfaces flat.
·       Boring out cylinders
·       Machining very precision hole patterns for things like motor mounting plates and gearboxes
·       Machining key ways in shafts

Here are some great videos that show things you can use a vertical milling machine for:

And here’s another video of something a bit more ambitious:
Homemade Trans Adaptor a Lathe Mill Project

Anyone at the Makerspace that wants to make precision metal parts for their own machines, parts for cars, do metal repair work will find this machine indespensible.

To get a vertical milling machine into the Makerspace and get it hooked up will require about $2700.  This will cover the cost of purchasing a decent quality used machine, all the basic tools need to operate the machine and get it cutting metal, and the materials needed to pour a level floor pad to put the machine on.  This is the starting point and we can’t really get started until we gather this initial amount.

If we can get a total of $3500 we’ll be able to purchase some really useful extras, like a digital position readout (DRO) and a rotary table.  DROs really help make more precise parts and help users keep track of how far they’ve moved parts while machining them.  Rotary tables are useful for machining circular bolt patterns and round sections that would be hard to make on our lathe.

DRO explanation:

Rotary Table use examples:

If we could make a stretch goal total of $12000 we could make this a computer controlled milling machine (CNC mill).  This would allow users to make very complicated metal parts.

Here is one of the options we could purchase with your help:

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