14′ Sloop Project

Andre Bertolino has been using the Makerspace to construct a boat! It is going to be a 14 foot sloop with a cat hull and a centerfold design. It is designed for easy portage, storage and transport. All of the necessary tools for this project were already at the space. The front half of the boat has already been waterproofed on the outside.
“The cart works very well. I used it to move approximately 500 lbs of art to the Notre Dame bridge last Saturday. It sustained serious damages when the front left wheel was taken off by a manhole cover, but the auxiliary wheels where in place to carry the load and I arrived on time for the show.”
“I painted it with the iron acetate on Friday. The entire boat will have similar stencil work. I wanted to have it in the water before everything freezes over, but Mike told me that I need a bigger daggerboard, so taking his advice I’m not going on my maiden voyage until spring now, it looks like.”
Andre has worked as a Chef for 20 years, and has occasionally done his own art shows. Needing Picture frames for his own work, with no viable way to pay for them, he became a carpenter out of necessity, eventually opening his own frame shop in N.Y. at the age of 20. He lives & “works” in Manchester N.H. Andre will be teaching a free, members-only “picture framing with hand tools” class at the space on October 18th at 7 p.m.

West Wall Repair

Our western wall in the Makerspace had fallen into disrepair, and Michael Cullerot decided to step up and fix it.

Making use of our woodworking tooling, he cut plywood down to size to stop the breeze. Followed by some paint, and a stencil cut out on our laser cutter, he took the biggest eyesore in the building and made it an eye-catching section of our industrial area. It even has a blackboard on it for design mockups now!

Sheet metal tools

A generous benefactor donated a combination shear/brake/roller to the Makerspace (all donations to the space are tax deductible, by the way). It’s capable of light-duty sheet metal cutting, bending, and rolling into curved shapes.

Combination roller, shear, and brake

We also acquired a larger sheet metal brake, which allows us to bend much heavier metals much more precisely.

Sheet metal brake capable of bending 12ga steel

Both tools will be tuned up and ready for use by the end of September.

Granite State Cosplay Meetup

The Granite State Cosplay meetup is a recurring social event for everyone who makes, wears, or just enjoys cosplay. Held every third Wednesday of the month at Manchester Makerspace, this meetup is a great place to share techniques, tell stories, and learn from each other! Makerspace is a shared studio space with many and varied fabrication tools, as well as a volunteer staff with plenty of experience and willingness to help.

Cosplay Event Organizer Pat Covey

The event will also feature Cosplay Event Organizer (from NH to CA and everywhere in between) Pat Covey, for Q&A and discussion about what goes into setting up cosplay events at comic cons!

Join us at the Manchester Makerspace:

7-9 p.m., October 18th, 2017

36 Old Granite St, Manchester, NH 03101

See facebook for more details or to RSVP!

Wheelchair Repair Project

One of our members’ friends Chris recently broke one of the front wheels on her wheelchair, and asked if there was some way we could repair it while she awaited her new chair. I happily agreed to get a little extra practice in with our new TIG welder before I provide training on it. When the broken part showed up, it was in pretty rough shape. With a bit of measuring and fitup, I tack welded the broken pieces into place.

From here, I could put all the pieces back together and ensure that everything that should move could move, and that I wasn’t blocking the whee’s path.

To ensure that this didn’t happen again, I cut a small reinforcement plate out of some scrap aluminum we had lying around the shop.

While I was really in it for the welding practice, it’s especially nice to help someone regain their mobility again.

Chris seems to like it, too!

“Thank you Jesse and Manchester Makerspace for your work on my wheelchair! The fork for the caster wheel looks great and I’m happy to be back on the road.”